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Black Earth Rising - Episode 7 Recap

In episode 7 we finally learn why it is Alice, Eunice & Michael have been so guarded in their revelations to Kate and what it is exactly they have been hiding from her. The news that comes with the plot twist in this episode is enough to shake Kate to her core and yet those who are responsible for withholding it don’t seem to realise just yet the repercussions of their decisions on them. (If you haven't caught up with episode 6, you can read more here)

Kate returns home from Rwanda to find that she has been a victim of a break-in. Florence is conveniently at hand and its no wonder Michael refers to him as Captain Congo. Kate finds her house rummaged through and her mother’s suitcase has also been broken into. The shot cuts to Viner who unfortunately has fallen victim to Samson, Gaines’s executioner. Samson tracked Viner down and blows up both Viner and the contents of his lock up to pieces.

We also find out in this episode that Rwanda has finally delivered its indictment to the UK. However, Ganimana is a step ahead when his lawyer declares that he has no case to answer to as he wasn’t in Rwanda when the alleged atrocity took place. Kate rushes into Michael’s office when she finds out about this and angrily confronts him about what he is going to do about it. Eunice on the other hand who is about to undergo abdominal surgery finds out about this news and calls Michael to tell him that they finally got him, she tells Michael to tell Alice to pack her bags and to tell her also that she is going home.

Alice arrives back to Rwanda to a hero’s welcome, Frank is there also with a package that she takes with her to address the crowd. Meanwhile Kate is back in London and has taken to the waters in a rowing boat. Eunice has arrived to a police station to deliver a sworn testimony as a “private citizen” by video link. Eunice explains in her statement that whilst working on a relief mission in 1993 she met Ganimana and his soldiers who blocked the relief aid she and her team were trying to deliver. She then shows a copy of the arrest sheet with Ganimana listed as commanding officer. Ganimana’s defence is undone with this revelation. Eunice goes on to say that this was not the last time she saw Ganimana. Following the surrender of the Hutus to the Tutsi army after the genocide, many took refuge in Zaire. Ganimana was one them and Eunice adds that even in exile he was still determined to keep the flames of hatred against Tutsis. In retaliation, an ethnic Tutsi army was formed, joined by elements from the Rwandan Patriotic Front to rid Congo of its Hutu refugee camps and resistance that they might be harbouring. Eunice who had been at the camps earlier recounted how she and other aid workers were told to leave the camp and not allowed back in until a few days later, only to find no trace of the refugees who had been in the camp at all. Women, children and the desperately ill in their thousands wiped out completely. However, Eunice drops a bombshell, she confirms that there had been only one survivor, a little girl whom Ed Holt had managed to spirit away, a little Hutu girl, who turns out to be our Kate.

Knowing that now the truth was out, Michael goes to find Kate by the river to tell her the whole truth of who she really was. Michael explains that she had barely survived her illness and that eventually she had been brought to England. Her narrative of her being Tutsi was deliberately assumed to make her transition easier politically. Michael even goes on to explain that despite Alice putting several wire taps on army members with the notion to some kind of prosecution of the Tutsis who had committed the crime against the Hutu refugees, everyone knew that in the shadow of the almost a million Tutsis that had been slaughtered this crime against humanity would still have paled in significance. So, Alice, Eunice and Michael all pledged to keep it under wraps and agreed to visit it someday. And that day they felt had finally come.

Kate is livid, she tells Michael that he should have told her from the beginning. Michael walks back into the building by the river and leaves Kate sitting on the pier. Losing the will to live after such devastating news, Kate plunges into the river as if to attempt to kill herself. Michael comes running down the slope and dives into the river to save Kate. But he gets into difficulty and it is Kate who ends up saving him.

Back in Rwanda Alice is delivering an address to drop this news at a press conference that has been convened for her at the airport. She tells the waiting crowd that she has a recording with the wiretapped chatter of the Tutsi army planning to kill the Hutu refugees. She presses the button on the tape machine only to find nothing happens. She opens the machine to find the tape has been removed and that despite Frank’s apparent efforts to keep it safe, someone had got to it anyway.

Frank and Alice are placed under house arrest which causes international outrage especially with the French. The Americans and the British however are noticeable more guarded with their public statements. Michael who is representing Alice meets with David Runihara in London and calls him and his government out on their bullshit, Michaels tells him that they’re only using the laws to see that no one can hold them to account for their actions. David responds by reiterating that Rwanda is a forward-looking nation, building on its extraordinary economic achievements.

Meanwhile back in the US, Eunice is over the moon to learn that she doesn’t have cancer. It’s like she has been given a new lease of life. However, this state of euphoria is cut short when she is snubbed by the President and stopped from speaking to him by a senior staff. He chastises her for going rogue on this issue as a private citizen knowing full well what the impact would be coming from someone in her political position. Eunice tries to explain that all Alice wants is a change in the law and not to actually run for President but the US administration is clear that they will not support her. They even go as far as to say that no one cares, If the missing graves had been in Minnesota, maybe. Eunice also finds out there and then that she was now effectively out of a job.

The next scene is back in Rwanda where unsurprisingly David has the missing tape. He presses the play button and the commands can be heard being given. So the recording does exist and unfortunately for Alice it is now in David’s possession. We cut back to Kate in London who picks up the fabric that Alice had given her, the way she picks it up is as if it weighs so heavy on her.

Next episode will be the finale for this series, there has been so many plot twists that we won’t really know who is safe until we watch it. Also one person who was glaringly missing from this episode was the guardian angel Florence, where has he gone and is there something brewing in the background for him for the next episode?

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