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  • Isabella Naiduki

Home Education Journey Begins...

2017 started out with a slow, methodical undertone for us, as we embraced the beginning of our home education journey with our girls. Walls have been transformed and rooms organised to encourage learning.. if the learning actually takes place is something that we will have to wait out and see. A few well meaning friends and family have expressed their concern with our choice, short of telling them to go do one, I’ve had to remind myself that the concern is coming from a place of love and not so much one that is to attack our choice of the way we live.

Home Education - Fijian In The UK

Prior to home educating, I found myself turning into one of those parents that teachers dreaded to see at parents evening. This was mainly because my expectation for the standard of education here in the UK was not the standard that I was being offered for my children. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an attack on the mainstream educators, but more the system that is failing. The educators or teachers have their hands tied and are not able to perform their duties to their full potential due to all the red tape that is put into place by the system. Add to that, you have school administrators’ who are more concerned with the ratings for the schools rather than actually identifying the shortcomings for the teaching plans and working to improve that, regardless of ratings. I was quite vocal about my disappointment with the previous school administration for my girls as well, heads rolled, limbs were lost.. I kid. But really, it wasn’t a pretty sight. It was akin to the straw that finally broke the camel’s back that brought us to our decision to home educate our girls.. call it an era of enlightenment for the Robinson motley crew.