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  • Isabella Naiduki

Let Them Eat Cake

The idea to write about my life as an army wife here in the UK came about during a conversation with a close friend of mine. It was said in jest and we both laughed it off but the seed had more or less been sown after that… So it’s only fitting that in my Fijian Women Of The World series that I would feature that friend of mine first. Meet Lorna Yakopo-Hazelman.

Fijian In The UK - Let Them Eat Cake

To describe her merely as a fellow army wife would be a disservice. Not that there is anything wrong with being known as an army wife, far from it. However in addition to being a military spouse, Lorna is also an entrepreneur, an avid netball enthusiast and above all else a kick-ass mom of 2.

Lorna was born in Fiji, she spent the first 12 years of her life in Levuka before moving across to Melbourne, Australia to join her parents. When asked how that may have impacted her teenage years, she emphasised that even though she had moved countries, the family dynamics remained constant and that helped her settle into life in Australia a whole lot easier. She mentions that it may also have been a blessing in disguise that her parents brought her over to Australia before she reached her teen years, as it meant getting to know her peers before the teenage angst years was a whole lot easier to cope with. A few of us Fijian parents here in the military community that moved over from Fiji can attest to this. A few of us have had to move continents with grown children, to a whole different culture and have had to adjust accordingly. It's no small feat and I applaud both parents and children who are able to intergrate into their respective communities and experience the opportunities a new country has to offer. Lorna is no stranger to this experience and history has had a way of repeating itself with her eldest child, who has also had to experience moving countries, although not from Fiji but from Melbourne.