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  • Isabella Naiduki

Master Masseur In A Seat

I grew up in a culture where deep tissue massage is a part and parcel of life. There will always be a healer in our communities or villages that will be able to provide therapeutic and healing massages for torn ligaments, injured joints and even at times set broken bones and help it heal faster than any modern medicine can provide. So when I got offered a neck and back massage cushion to review I was very reluctant to accept it, as I am very particular about what I would expect from such a product. But after a few uses since receiving it, I've become a fan.

What It Offers:

One of the issue's I've found with most massage cushions in the market is it either tends to just concentrate solely on the neck or back area AND most times it is the back area that gets the most love.

Naipo Shiatsu Neck And Full Back Massage Chair

This is definitely not the case for the Naipo Shiatsu Neck and Full Back Massage Cushion. It is one of the very few products out there that concentrates equally on both on the neck & back area and the best part of it all, is that it is height adjustable too. If you're like me and love the deep tissue massage to help alleviate the pain from long hours of either sitting; driving or even working out then this particular Naipo massage cushion is the one for you. Just a note, I did find that at times I would have to raise my back away from the seat to minimise the intensity, if you prefer not to do this then I would suggest placing either a thin cushion or foam like material between you and the back support to reduce the intensity of the massage.

This massage cushion is great for neck massages as well, I found myself pushing my head back into the nodes during the massage. You can adjust the movement of the nodes according to your height so that it works on the areas you want. I found that placing it on a hard back dining chair meant the neck massage nodes were hitting my shoulder blades because I was sitting quite upright and inorder to get a proper neck massage I had to sort of slouch in the seat. However when I used it on the couch it worked fine because I was in a reclined position which made it a lot more comfortable to use and there was minimal adjusting of height.

Both the neck & back massage can be activated simultaneously or used separately, you can adjust the areas you want it to concentrate on by using the attached remote. This was another feature I found really helpful as I'm always losing remotes so the fact that it's attached to the seat and has a designated pouch for it means I'll always have it at hand when needed.

The seat also has a heated option which again you can either have it on during the massage or not at all. Another important note to bear in mind is that the nodes work at one intensity, so while you can adjust the areas that the nodes target, you cannot adjust the intensity for it. The nodes are made of plastic and are quite hard and uncomfortable when not in use and because of this I would not recommend using it as a lounge chair. There is a shut off timer after 15 minutes which is a safety feature inbuilt into the seat, this is in case the user falls asleep on the seat. The seat also comes with an adaptor for use in the car, for obvious reasons it's only recommended to be used on the passengers seat. I found it relatively easy to set up, requires only one person to lift. It can also easily fit into a regular sized suitcase if you're wanting to take it with you on travels.


1. Eight 3D massage nodes that roll up and down on both sides of the spine and provide deep-kneading massage to release muscle tension. It targets the neck, back, waist, and the buttock.

2. Soothing Heat with infrared heating setting, this back massage seat cushion gives you gentle warmth that enhances blood circulation and soothes aching muscles. You'll love the feeling of spreading warmth across the back and shoulders when you are tired after a long day of work.

3. Neck massage nodes offer effective relief from stiff neck. It also has an adjustable height, achieved by clicking the “UP” or “DOWN” buttons on the remote control. This enables users as short as 5’1” and as tall as 6’3” equal opportunities to enjoy the deep tissue massage on the neck muscles.

4. 15-minute auto shut-off timer prevents those who tend to fall asleep during massage from overusing the device and in so doing stops possible injuries. It’s also a preventive measure to keep the Naipo massage cushion in tiptop condition.

5. The vibration of this seat massage chair has 3 levels of intensity. Once you are comfortably seated into the massage chair, you can activate the vibration massage and start enjoying an invigorating treatment to the upper legs or thighs.

6. Item Weight:16.2 LB / 7.35KG

One of the reasons that the Naipo Shiatsu Neck and Full Back Massage Seat Cushion stands out from the rest is due to its impressive neck massages and portable design. It's great for those who suffer from pain caused by prolonged sitting in front of the computer or driving long distances. or even for pain from working out and exercising. Although it has some height restrictions, which is to be expected for massage cushions, the deep and invigorating massage it delivers more than makes up for that.

**The product was sent for the sole purpose of a review, however all opinions are my own.**

Bella x


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