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  • Isabella Naiduki

Raising Queens

Never will I read my daughter fairy tales About women being damsels in distress All these stories have paved generations Lifetimes of broken hearts and regret Instead I'll read to her stories Of Independence, Power and Success She needs to know that women were queens Ruling and Reigning amongst the best She must never think that happiness Is about being loved by the opposite sex Happiness is first loving herself wholeheartedly, fiercely and with respect So raise her like the queen that she will be Set her standards high When she's almost ready She will spread her wings and fly

By Sulu Tukana Wong

Fijian In The UK - Spoken Word | Sulu Tukana Wong

Our featured Pasifika poet this week is Sulu Tukana Wong. Sulu describes her poems as being about girl power and her own life journey's that she's experienced through love, heartbreak and so forth. Aside from being a doting mum to her 3 year old son, Sulu is also a bank officer at a local bank and loves the challenges that both roles present her with. When she's not busy holding done the realities of life, she loves to escape into her little world of arts which is includes: music, doodles, cooking, blogging and her utmost favourite, poetry. You can follow more of her work on Instagram : @palmtreespoetry


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