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  • Isabella Naiduki

Growing Pains

Easter always brings about a case of Methodist guilt for this liberal Methodist girl. Try as I might to be nonchalant about my faith, I can't escape the years of religious teachings I endured as a child and young adult. I woke up this morning to a few messages from distant family members (I say distant because my immediate family members know me better than to send messages like that ha!) asking me to release them from any wrong doing and it made me think if I were to attempt to do that, we'd be here all year. I mean I'm the person who has 369 people on my block list on Facebook because I'm petty. I'm also the perfect example of an extrovert who hates being around people (I have no choice with my own children because I know I'd get asked to take them back if I tried to palm them off to someone for the day) So does that make me an introverted, extroverted maniac? Probably.

Fijian In The UK - Older generators with the younger generators

I recently read Trevor Noah's book, Born A Crime where he shares his childhood experiences of growing up as a mixed race child in South Africa during apartheid and after. Whilst it made for hilarious reading, there was also a sad undertone to it all, the hero in this book was his mother. His childhood escapades and lessons he learnt from his mother reminded me of my own mother who more or less dished out similar life lessons. I don't blame my mother one bit, I was that shit kid everyone knew, but I was the youngest in a family of 5 siblings so I knew how to beat the system so to speak. Although the times I did get caught by this crazy Nayauan mother of mine, you can be sure the whole street knew. My primary school experiences is littered with many of these experiences. Take for example my first year of primary school...class1 - who gets in trouble at class 1, you may ask? Me of course. I decided I wanted my classmate Mobina's pencil (which was this fancy ones you could get Superfresh supermarket in Tamavua, that had fruit designs on it - oh did I mention I have the memory of an elephant and remember everything and also I hold grudges like a mofo) so anyway, 6 year old kleptomaniac me decided I would "borrow" not one of the pencils but all six, not to use mind you, oh no that would be the sen