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  • Isabella Naiduki

The Little Girl Who Bit A Princess

Dedicated to MY NANA Rosa Martha Elbourne nee Johns.

That bowlegged, stocky DAUGHTER of TWO WORLDS who raised ME.

For the WOMAN of QUIET FAITH who LOVED US despite the fact HER CHURCH told her how we came to be was SIN.

And for MY KIDS…MY DAUGHTER who didn't get to know her well enough and MY SON who never met her…Your BIG NANA was MORE THAN AMAZING. WORDS barely do her JUSTICE.

And lastly, for EVERYONE who has LOST their GRANDMOTHER…

There was a little girl who bit a princess

For wearing her favourite yellow dress

And the little girl became a young girl

Who danced with the American soldiers

During the war

Sometimes I can see her spinning around

And her laugh is joy

And the young girl became a young lady

Who met a man who swept

Her off her feet and promised her the world

And oh how she believed him

That smooth talking silver tongued devil aye

And the young lady saw her dreams of love

Fade as years go by on the little feet

Of her children

This young lady became a woman

Familiar with the contours of pain

And the taste of tears when

She buried Josephine

When she said goodbye to Betty

When she finally broke the day Freddy

Her baby, her youngest

Got taken away too damn soon

So the woman became an old woman

Who sits in her room looking lost

Wondering at this hurt in her heart

At the nature of the god she

Has served faithfully all her days

And I see her sitting there

And I walk away crying because

Her shoulders are bowed and the laugh lines

Have disappeared from around her eyes

And her eyes can only see her past

And I ask her not to die

Because I need my daughter to know her

And she goes to Lautoka

At this point we know something bad is coming

So we spend our days just trying to be as close to her

As possible, all of us want her to be with us

So she goes to Lautoka where her life began

All those many years ago in another time

And the circle closes.

And we stand in Nasinu crying like

The bereft children we all are


The little girl who bit a princess left us today…

By Alex Elbourne

Alex Elbourne - Fijian In The UK Spoken Word

Our featured Pasifika poet this week is Alex Elbourne. Alex describes his love for creative writing as a way of using words to turn little things into little worlds and offer these to whomever is willing and say, "Look I MADE THIS."

#SpokenWord #LifeLessons #Poetry


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