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  • Isabella Naiduki

Bunchems Dragon Review

We got given some Bunchems Dragons (which are also glow in the dark.. double the fun!!) for our younger two and I thought I’d review it for the uninitiated. I must admit, I enjoyed creating things with it and goes without saying that the kids loved them too. They are a great mess free craft, that allows a child’s imagination to lead and make some incredible designs. Seven year old loves arts & crafts and making things, so when she saw the Bunchems Dragons, she was keen to try it out and it did not fail to disappoint him. She loved it.

Bunchem Dragons

We have made loads of different things with Bunchems over the months. My 7 & 2 year old have loved having a go with creating different things with it. The instructions for the dragon is quite easy to follow and whilst it takes time the first time around to make it, your little one will soon get the hang of it and make it easily. There’s loads of other things they can create from it, the options are endless!

I’ve read all the horror stories about people having kids, have to have their hair cut off with these things getting stuck. We never had one bit of trouble with it. I did say to the kids not to put them near their hair as they are a bit like velcro with the hook eye part. We had a few incidents of it being caught in my 2 year old’s hair, which is quite curly but I found a bit of conditioner removed it easily.

We love Bunchems, the whole concept is simple and effective. The easy to follow instructions for the different ideas are simple and they are a great start on which you can build from.

Bunchem Dragons

Bunchems is like no other toy, you literally squish them together to make any design you like. Your imagination is your building blocks on what you can create. The Bunchems Dragon helps you and your child to make more complex creations. It’s a lot of fun and perfect for keeping young minds busy and creative. We loved it.

Disclaimer:- We were sent a Bunchems Bunchbot through for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and words are our own.


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