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  • Isabella Naiduki

To Live Is To Learn

When we initially begun home educating our children one of the issues that we faced was determining which extracurricular activities we would enrol them in. The academic side of things was easily done as we had decided from earlier on that we would always follow the national curriculum. When they were in mainstream education I was one of those parents who was quite happy to sign my children up with school organised clubs, as long as it didn't involve me having to take them myself to a different venue other than school. Yes, I was THAT parent. Just invested enough so that my children got the whole school experience but not overly invested that I had to take time out of my own schedule carting them to and fro. I used to look at friends of mine who did the school runs and go rushing off straight after pick up time to take their children to after school clubs and wonder why the hell would they would put themselves through all that stress day in and day out. Karma clearly has a great sense of humour because home educating our children means I'm now the school organised clubs so that meant having to involve my children in activities that they would enjoy and most importantly wouldn't break the bank!

Home Ed Robbos trio - Fijian In The UK

My husband and I have one rule for our school age children when it comes to activities that they are signed up for, that they have to complete at least a year of it. The reason behind our being quite firm with the one year rule is to teach them about being consistent and responsible enough to see something through. If at the end of the year they don't feel that it is for them then they are free to find another interest to take up. Unfortunately for my teenager because we are a one income family, the economic factor comes into play and she has to do the same clubs as her 6 year old sister, so they do Irish dance; swimming and piano, I follow the keep it simple stupid rule when it comes to choices, so far so good.