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  • Isabella Naiduki

Dark Thoughts

Darkness rolls in

An unexpected storm

Beauty in the fury

Of the neverending burden

Firmly planted

On bared, weary shoulders Agonisingly present Searing, stabbing pain

Escapes through my worn out, ragged veins Despondent

Silent tears pay homage to the wind Tainted arrows of despairing grief

Fire from a bow of forgotten memories Darkness comes Revered for its oppressive power My lamenting heart cries out

Must grief be forever revisited? My tortured will diminished Silenced by the unloving taunting of my overflowing thoughts

This too must pass But I do not want it so For without this wounded, grieving soul

I am but a mask of many faces Darkness comes I welcome it Like death by a thousand cuts

Tearing gently at what remains with ferocious speed.

Vulnerability is not for me

There is no more Me to give Inhale Exhale Grief has snuck in

Resting on my shuddering chest

A false prophet of comfort Looking for a path in between the glossed over cracks Glissading into my broken, ragged pieces Like intertwining lovers in the stolen nights Fueling each other into tormented existence Darkness steals away Like a thief in the night My soul its unexpected treasure My unshed tears the hidden gem it sought My broken heart the mess it leaves behind Dawn breaks Purpose reborn Shall I make peace with it? Unwillingly Reluctantly Inhale Exhale

At last

Tears flow freely Is this grief healing?



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